We offer the following shipping alternatives

After completing your purchases from our new online store, we remind you that there are the following ways of picking up the products you chose:
      • Payment of products via e-shop and pick-up from one of our stores.
      • By courier and payment via e-shop (Simple Shipping)
        Note: Up to 2 kg, transport costs within the city are 2.5 €
        Out of town: € 2,95 (VAT is included up to two pounds of weight.) For each extra kg of your order, the charge is 1 €, (VAT included) For the rest of Greece for shipping to land charges the charge is set at € 6.3 (VAT included) up to 2 kg of weight, while for each extra pound the charge is € 1.5 (Including VAT) For shipment to island destinations the charge is equivalent to land charges but the delivery of your order is made in two business days.
        The cash on delivery fee is 2 €.
    • Through courier on delivery. (Send courier delivery)
    Note: For each order of more than 50€ with cash order regardless of destination (within Greece), the shipment is FREE.